Sunday, December 3, 2017

Hello Shoppers! - Swagbucks Rock!

Swagbucks Rock!

I have been a swagbucks member since 2012.   I have earned $1,234 dollars so far.   Not bad for little extra clicks from time to time.   

Now there are many ways you can earn on swagbucks but the easy by far is by the rebates you get from shopping.   If you are familiar with ebates or topcashback, it is another rebate site that pays you back from shopping.  I am actual member of all 3 and use the one that offers the best rebate for the site I am purchasing from.  So if you are getting rebates from your online purchases, you are throwing away free money!!!!!

They are all free to join and cost you nothing but a click to start from their sites and then link to the site you will purchasing something from.

Now it does take awhile to get the rebates but it is like a nice little piggy bank sitting out there waiting for you.   

I prefer swagbucks and topcashback because you get the money electronically.   Ebates sends you a check in the mail quarterly.   The other two pay quicker.

In addition to get rebates, on swagbucks you can buy electronic gift cards from some of the stores you buy from online too and get rebates on them as well.   For example, you can buy a eBay gift card with a 2% rebate and then get another 2% rebate for buying something on eBay with the same gift card.   So you get 4% back on everything you buy.   Now if you bought that gift card with a reward credit card, you get that rebate as well.   You gotta love the nested rebates!  I do.  

If you don't have a reward credit card, I high recommend one of those as well for monthly recurring purchases like gas and groceries.   As long as you pay them off every month, they are a win/win.   I have one that is for that purpose only.   I get back about $65-80 a month for that alone.   Bank of America and Capital One have the best reward cards around in my opinion.

Anyway, back to swagbucks.... there are other ways you can earn swagbucks which (translate into 1 cent for each swagbuck).  You can watch videos, take surveys, search the web, play games and the list goes on and on.   Once you have accumulated enough bucks, you cash them in for gift cards or other items.   I usually get the PayPal or amazon gift cards because that translates into cash for me.   

Bottomline, give it a try.  It is free and there is nothing to lose other than a little time.   

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