Friday, February 24, 2017

Who doesn't love a good deal? - Free/Discount Movies

(Disclosure:  I am not compensated in anyway by the websites or products I recommend.  They get free advertisement for having a good product that I personally endorse.)

I thought I would switch it up today and blog about my other passion....finding a good deal.  I love a good deal.   One of many things I save money on is movies.

Free Movies - there are free advanced screenings in most cities in the U.S.   You can go to and sign up to receive emails when a new screening has been posted in your area.  Now, you have to get tickets once the screenings have been posted quickly because they go fast.  Then you must show up an hour prior to screening usually to get in.   It is first come, first serve and just because you get a ticket doesn't mean you are guaranteed a seat.   Most times you have to sign up for the waiting list but don't worry, a lot of times you will still get a ticket but sometimes on the day of the screening.  Sometimes they take your cell phones so you may want to leave your's in the car.   The nice thing about these screenings is that they usually don't include previews.   They would like you to provide comments when you leave about your opinion of the film but this is not required.   These usually occur during the week so sometimes they aren't convenient.    

If you are an AMC stubs card holder, you will also receive notices for screenings for only their stubs members.

Other sites you can sign up for screenings are the following - sometimes you will get emails from these sites before you get a notice from the advance screenings site so you have a better chance of getting a ticket:

So go out an enjoy you some free flicks and maybe you will see me there!

Another way I save money on movies is to buy discount passes on eBay in blocks of 10 or more.  I try to get them for $7.50 or $8 a piece.   I do have to pay a premium charge of $1.50 charge per ticket for my theater because it has recliner seats but it still saves me around $3.50 a ticket.  You can still get regal reward points with these so I usually get a free ticket about every 3rd movie I think.  

Bummed about the lack of good movies these days?   Check out this link for great movies coming soon:

See you at the movies!

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