Sunday, March 5, 2017

Who Doesn't Like a Good Deal? - Things I buy at the Dollar Tree

(Disclosure:  I am not compensated in anyway by the websites or products I recommend.  They get free advertisement for having a good product that I personally endorse.)

So a few years back, I revamped my grocery shopping habits and one of the habits that has really stuck is shopping at the Dollar Tree regularly.

I figure I save probably about a dollar or more on everything I buy at the "tree" so if I buy 20 items that is $20 a visit or about $40 a month or $480 a year!

Here are the things I buy regularly:

-Make Up Removal Wipes
-Dental Picks
-Mouth Wash
-Retainer Cleaner (Denture Cleaner)
-Cotton Balls
-Fingernail Polish Remover
-Body Wash (for the girls - I use Joanne's homemade soap from Whole Foods)
-Snacks (even though I don't buy these too much anymore now on paleo I used to buy these a lot).
-Candy, Gum (ditto above)
-Baggies - sandwich and quart sizes (I buy the gallon freezer bags from Walmart)
-Mouthwash plastic cups
-Disposable plastic cups
-food storage containers
-measuring cups and other kitchen things as needed
-AAA, AA and 9 volt batteries (better ones)
-Wrapping paper
-mailing tape
-school and office supplies like pens and pencils, etc.
-padded mail envelopes
-large mail envelopes
-puzzles and puzzle books
-gain detergent (more about this in a latter post)
-dishwasher pods (generic ones 10 for $1)
-Various food items - like minced garlic and pink himalayan salt and pepper mills
-party supplies
-seasonal items for college kid packages

I am sure this isn't an exhausted list but you get the idea.   Next time you go in there take a look around and try some items you buy at grocery stores and other places.  Even if something doesn't end up being good, you are only out $1.

Happy Shopping!

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