Sunday, March 26, 2017

Goodbye Cable, Hello Big Savings!

We cut cable about a year ago and don't miss a thing.   We still get to watch all our shows. Want to know how?

Here's what we did:  -attic antenna with connection to dedicated cable connection in the wall - this was a bit of work but you could always hire a handy man to install it for you. (~$100 one time cost)-hdhomerun device plugs into attic antenna and home router which broadcast free channels to your home network. Streams live tv to 2 tvs at one time.  (~$100 one time cost)
-Hulu $10 a month optional

Check out their site for more details:
They also offer DVR for $60 a year subscription.   We haven't tried this yet but probably will.   This allows you to pause and rewind live TV.
-Fire TV device or similar type device including xbox and apple TV. (~$100 one time cost for each TV)-Free hd home run app (available in device app store) picks up this signal.  We get 39 free channels. Some are in 480p but all major networks are in 1080p
-slingtv $25 a month during football season optional 
-Netflix $8 a month optional

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